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Use Android GPS on Chromebook

Most of the Chrome OS based devices don’t have GPS hardware and none of them have GPS software support. This is lacking when you traveling with you laptop and would like to use it for navigation instead of your phone. Imagine your are the driver and your friend uses full version of Google Maps to check nearby places and sightseeing spots while your are traveling.

GPS Link is created to solve this. It allows you to share data from GPS receiver inside your Android device with Chrome browser running any platform. All you need is to install GPS Link Chrome extension, GPS Link Android app and pair them together. Both required internet connection to work. After pairing GPS Link Chrome extension  transparently redirects all location requests from Google Maps or any other mapping application running in your browser to your Android device.

Most of the popular mapping services are supported by GPS Link:

To get started:

  1. Install GPS Link Chrome extension and GPS Link Android application. You can get them from Chrome Web Store and Google Play. Instruction are on GPS Link home page.
  2. Open your favorite maps web page in Chrome and click on the GPS Link extension button.
  3. Pairing screen with pairing link should popup. Open URL on your Android device with GPS Link app installed.
  4. Now “My Location” button on maps webpage will fetch location from Android device.

Debugging Android applications remotely

In this article we will try to setup Android device for remote debugging over the Internet. This will allow you to connect to your development machine from anywhere and debug your android apps on your device as it would be connected to your development machine using USB – run applications from IDE, debug and stop on breakpoints, view log cat output and basically everything that Android Debug Bridge allows. Continue reading